Froth foams instantly and its effectiveness depends on the water temperature, the air and the water’s pH level; on average, the foam is active for 6 minutes, which is more than enough! 😊

There is no need to wait, because the froth will form immediately 🥳

It depends on the shape of the toilet bowl, the size of the water surface, and also the temperature of the water, the air and the pH of the water 🌀

In the toilets of this type of transport there is no water, so the foam cannot develop; you will have to cunning otherwise 😊!

2 sachets will not make much more foam and it will not hold any longer 🧐

Don’t panic, rinse yourself with clean water 🚿

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You must fully open the bag and pour its contents quickly into the water of the toilet bowl and the foam forms in less than 6 seconds, just long enough to turn around 😊

The foam is intended for a functional period of 4 to 6 minutes ⏳

It is advisable to completely empty the powder sachet into the water in the toilet bowl to have the full effect, however you can test smaller quantities and the powder remaining in the sachet may be less effective ⚠️!

It is a synthetic fragrance that allows you to mask bad smells and leave a good scent of Marseille soap after your visit 🔆

Currently a “Savon de Marseille” scent is on sale and very soon you will have the pleasure of discovering a new one 🥳

You can keep the cases and bags simply in the toilet room, or store them in a cupboard ☝🏻

No, this product is only intended as Antisplash WC and / or a toilet bowl cleaner ⚠️

More than 6 months. If the powder has clumped slightly, you can mix the bag so that the powder becomes fluid again to be poured correctly into the water in the toilet bowl⏳

Yes you can, Antisplash WC contains a cleaning agent that allows you to clean your toilet bowl well ❇️

You don’t have to mix it with anything; Antisplash WC should only be used in the water of the toilet bowl 🚫

Yes you can ; know that children must be accompanied and it is up to you as an adult to use Antisplash WC 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

You can use it in a closed room, and it is always advisable to ventilate a room whether it is the toilet or another room in your apartment or house 🌀

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