The origin

The idea of Antisplash WC suddenly came to Christian Danos, the creator, who, following a boxing accident in 2011, had to take a treatment that unfortunately “disturbed” his digestive system. It made his social relationships and love life sufficiently complicated because of it. In addition to this, the noises due to his digestive troubles were simply disconcerting within his small apartment in the Parisian suburbs.

“How could I not be heard by my girlfriend? Because every time, it is such an awkward moment!” – Several times after thinking it, this brilliant idea came to Christian: By covering the water in the toilet bowl with shaving foam, the shameful noises were dampened!

Christian was certain that this kind of discomfort was universal. So in order to purchase something that could solve his problems, he looked on the Internet for an equivalent product. And to great surprise, this product did not exist, and that was the very moment when he decided to develop it, and since then, the adventure of Antisplash WC had started!


After meeting up with many people over the years, and ending up in collaborating with some of the most talented individuals, in each of their fields, Christian, the designer and the creator of the product, is also in charge of the company’s marketing strategy. After contacting and working several years with diverse research establishments, such as INRA, INCPI in Lille and Paris, CNRS and PROGEPI, Christian has finalized his works with IRFAQ, with whom he completed the perfect formula. Finally, the compound has been established, and the PCT patent has been filed at the end of 2019.

Founder & CEO

The team

CEO Japan & Asia Pacific

Hisanori, originally from Japan, has met Christian in 2012 when he was living in France. When Christian has recontacted Hisanori in 2020, he had not only specialized since in audiovisual productions, but he discovered that Hisanori spends also half of the year in Tokyo and in Paris, making him becoming a bridge between the two countries with his regular presence both in France and Japan. True trust and collaboration were established between Christian and Hisanori, he becomes a shareholder of the company and takes responsibility for the development of Asia-Pacific region.

Our partners :

Fully supported by ‘Love money’ investors, our family and friends who have brought us their skills, we were able to continue this crazy adventure. We have surrounded ourselves with a team of dynamic, daring and efficient professional collaborators, who all have a common goal: to improve your comfort and to be always responsive, being attentive to your expectations and at the service of innovation.
Today the adventure continues, and we are happy to accompany you in your little moments of intimacy and to make your life easier 😊 …
And very strangely, we are very proud that you think of us, every time you go to the bathroom 😊 !!

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